Sunday, March 29, 2009


Isn't it weird when you see your favourite piece being worn by someone random? Lookbooks uncovered a bunch of people with the same stuff as me so I'm going to update when I find someone in one of my favourites. This girl pulls it off pretty well :) Today it's my Nicholas Morley dress which I got half price from Live. $75


Leggings are the new jeans this winter but the trick seems to be finding some that won't rob your wallett. Supre have a pretty awesome range at the moment but stingy miss me still doesn't feel comfortable spending over 30 on them. Though I guess if I buy them instead of jeans I can justify it. At the moment everyones cracking the shits at Supre copying Sass and Bides 'Black Rats' leggings, here's one of the tights in trouble..Im loving their faux lace pair at the moment but since I haven't bought them digging up a pic isnt possible, so insteeead heres todays outfit. Top- Dangerfield 10, Leggings- Sportsgirl 20, Shoes- Wittner 90..SEX DRUGS SAUSAGE ROLLS!!.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New hair number a million and two

If you know me you know my vast adventures in messing about with my hair, bleaching, chem straightening, but most recently...extensions. I bought 100 new upper quality ones off ebay and being the cheapass I am I thought "oh that'll about do it". Two days before the weekend I realise that in fact I need a much larger quantity and I had to frantically find my old ones, dye em, and throw them in. Im going to remove and replace the yucky ones when I get the time to hop on the internet and the money to purchase some more babies. Heres me at Syke with em in..

Had to say I got a bunch of attention out and had to beat off the guitarist of Isle of Capri with a stick haha, so obviously doing something right :P


WOW have I left this too long but moving was craazyhouse
So in regards to my progress Ive taken the place and though the dudes annnooooooying as all hell I'm going to get along with him until I can afford a nicer one, taxis to the city are just too cheap!
Havent decided about the job yet rr but oh well.

Oneteaspoon is an amazing brand that goes for quite a bit in David Jones but leaves for a whole let less through outlet stores and ebay. I own a good chunk of their collection and here's my favorite, a peacock bubble dress I grabbed from Globalise for 20 bucks!. NOTE: Dont wear pushups with these sorts of necklines heh :S

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things to say, places to go

1. Im moving out from my little housey into a new little housey. Im moving in with some sketchy guy who smokes inside and has like a thousand 'babies' (his cds) but the location is five minutes from the city and the rent is only $80 a week which is crazy cheap! Would you take my chance?
2. Got offered a job but to take it would mean another year and a half of apprentice wages, but I'd be getting paid so who knows..hairdressins a hard knock life!
3. I was taking out my extensions and then thought "why not try a new style before taking them all out?", so I cut a concave bob which im loving...but do I cut my new extensions the same or keep em long (the ones in are in terrible condition..)?

Annd so as not to bore you I give you every girls must-have...

Why wear gross flannies round the house when you can throw on a silky robe for as cheap as $10? (Cotton On Body Sale)... I can't think why :)

Mickey Avalon- On and On

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have two of his books and whenever I read them I cry

Bun Buns

This is my favourite shirt ever. I was still high as a kite after an all night bender so I decided to go shopping and grab some food. Out of all the clothes in the store this shirt beckoned me to try it on. It was love at first sight and a fit made in heaven, it's been my loveliest piece since

Shirt- Purr $40.00

I get my extensions dyed tomorow and put in the day after...faaair excited!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Love at first sighting

Its so hard to find unique sunglasses, I'd spotted these Chanels in a magazine a couple of months ago and searched amid ebays tonnes and tonnes of fakes to find a pair for around the 240 mark. Sadly I have little cash and had to release these babies back into the wild. Life is cruel!

wine stained lips

Wowza I love this dress. Dangerfield 50 Vintage shoes 20.

Bright Eyes-Lover I don't have to love

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Inspo from Myspacers

Casual: Hiwaisted shorts and a top tucked in
Alternativy- Bandana as top and a mini denim piece


My Sportsgirl skirt finally came off laybuy! Wore it on the weekend and it was a blast though its a bit of a slut since it keeps trying to crawl further up my legs haha. Even though I look like crap (yes farewell to my curly gross extensions and hello to the silkies that arrived in the mail today!) I couldnt hold off taking a photo so tar dar
Skirt: Sportsgirl 40
Top: Valleygirl 15 (ooooold, I love it so much i have two haha)
Necklace: Diva 5

:( I look pretty awful but the outfit =love

Riot in Belgium- La Musique

Monday, March 9, 2009


Whether its my case of the ex or an oncoming cold this scarf from Rubi shoes is the bomb. Best 20 dollar buy of the winter coming I think! Dress is a supre underlay for 20 and the sequin shrug was a Dotti Last Chance item for 10.

Eye Alaska- I knew you'd never fly

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A break

How to get over...being dumped on a pretty weekend...

1. Wear sunnies, no running eyeliner, no puffy eyes!
2. Wear a figure flattering, all out feminine dress that makes you feel a-may-zing

Coping thanks to Temt sunnies 5.00, Valleygirl maxi dress 20.00, necklace Bardot 15.00, Belt Blazae 25.00

End of Fashion- She is Love

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Bardot top I got on a post NY sale for ten
Shorts I got when I was 14 that miraculously still fit (just)...priceless
Went to the city for a dentist appointment and retail therapy. It was a slightly windy day so my top billowed about a bit. no dramas!
Perfect for hailing a bus and settling in with a good book and the smell of your leather bag while some strange pervert oggles you for a good half an hour :)

Im going to pick up a skirt and dress tomorrow that have been on hold foreeever. Will post!

l &l xo

Neutral Milk Hotel- Holland, 1945

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An explanation in order

This is my fashion blog to keep track of my favourite looks, clothes and styles that come and go mainly including my wardrobe. This is also to stop me from wearing the same thing twice or the wrong thing more than once, so a record of 'yaes' and 'naes'. In my opinion every piece has a story and every look has an inspiration, some pieces were over 100 most were under 20 since I'm a keen bargain hunter. Anyway enough chitchat

Love l&l...