Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things to say, places to go

1. Im moving out from my little housey into a new little housey. Im moving in with some sketchy guy who smokes inside and has like a thousand 'babies' (his cds) but the location is five minutes from the city and the rent is only $80 a week which is crazy cheap! Would you take my chance?
2. Got offered a job but to take it would mean another year and a half of apprentice wages, but I'd be getting paid so who knows..hairdressins a hard knock life!
3. I was taking out my extensions and then thought "why not try a new style before taking them all out?", so I cut a concave bob which im loving...but do I cut my new extensions the same or keep em long (the ones in are in terrible condition..)?

Annd so as not to bore you I give you every girls must-have...

Why wear gross flannies round the house when you can throw on a silky robe for as cheap as $10? (Cotton On Body Sale)... I can't think why :)

Mickey Avalon- On and On

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