Sunday, March 29, 2009


Leggings are the new jeans this winter but the trick seems to be finding some that won't rob your wallett. Supre have a pretty awesome range at the moment but stingy miss me still doesn't feel comfortable spending over 30 on them. Though I guess if I buy them instead of jeans I can justify it. At the moment everyones cracking the shits at Supre copying Sass and Bides 'Black Rats' leggings, here's one of the tights in trouble..Im loving their faux lace pair at the moment but since I haven't bought them digging up a pic isnt possible, so insteeead heres todays outfit. Top- Dangerfield 10, Leggings- Sportsgirl 20, Shoes- Wittner 90..SEX DRUGS SAUSAGE ROLLS!!.

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